Mindset 1


Activity 1: Change the story you are telling yourself

You are talking to yourself all day long. Not out loud, but inside your head. That little voice incessantly overanalyses, self-criticizes, disempowers and misinterprets.

Making a conscious choice to change the story you tell yourself will change your brain’s interpretation of the situation and induce positive emotions.

This takes practice, so don’t give up when you slip back into the negative self-talk! Simply jump back on the wagon.

This example shows how negative emotions around snacking can be turned positive. Have a go at writing down your own examples of things you say now and things you could say instead. Practice using the positive affirmations each day.

What you say What you could say instead
I feel deprived when I avoid eating snacks I’m proud of myself for taking care of my body and saying no to these unhealthy snacks.