Mighty Mamas

mighty adjective 1. possessing great and impressive power or strength (1)

A brand new class for brand new mamas! We all know mamas are warriors, but sometimes it’s hard to find the time to feel strong and powerful when you’re sleep deprived and recovering from the birth of your little bundle.

Mighty Mamas is an exercise class designed to help new mums regain their strength and stamina in the postpartum period. The low-impact class focuses on moves to help you get back to an active lifestyle.

It will begin with a gentle warm up, followed by exercises using your bodyweight (think squats, glute bridges, commandos etc). We will then finish off with a series of stretches to improve your flexibility and flow.

Exercise will help boost low energy levels, reduce stress, and strengthen key muscles – such as your pelvis and back. The class is also a great way to meet your mum tribe!

Due to the nature of the class, it is better suited to mamas of non-crawlers. Though if you don’t mind doing some extra chasing of your babe (extra calories burned, hey?) then please do come along.

It’s recommended to wait until you are 6 weeks postpartum (vaginal birth) to start exercising again. Or if you had a c-section birth we recommend waiting until you are 12 weeks postpartum.

The class is limited to 12 people so please book now to secure your space.

Look forward to seeing you and your bundles ❤


Mighty Mama’s

Sign up to a five-week block starting Thursday 25th April. The class will take place every Thursday at 1pm-2pm.



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