Little black dress challenge



Party season is nearly here, which means now is the time to start thinking about feeling fabulous in time for the festivities.

The Little Black Dress challenge is a 10 week plan of activities designed to boost your motivation, keep you focused, help you lose weight and tone up in time for the Christmas celebrations.

The course starts Monday 7th October and requires you to be available on Monday evenings for the duration.

As I want to invest fully into the people taking this challenge, I am only taking on 10 ladies to do this with. (Three spaces already gone). The first to pay will secure the spots.

The plan includes the following weekly activities:

Exercise class

A 45-minute exercise class will take place at Move It Dance Studios (Douglas) from 7.15pm. This is a full body workout using your own body weight for resistance. You’ll be squatting and planking like a pro by the end of the course.


From 8pm we will be running through a 20 minute workshop focusing on understanding barriers to eating healthy and changing the habits that are sabotaging the efforts to stay on track. Topics include breaking the sugar addiction cycle, why we tend to eat our emotions, how to avoid healthy food myths, and how to become aligned with your body’s natural hunger cues.

Weigh-in and measurements 

From 8.20pm everybody will be weighed and measured (your results will stay private) and we will discuss how to help reduce these numbers over the upcoming weeks.

Meal plan

Everybody will be given a personalised meal plan to follow. The meal plan will be completely tailored to you to take into account your food preferences, lifestyle, goal, and amount of prep time you have available.

Exercise plan

Everybody will be given an exercise plan to follow. This will involve exercising 3 times per week for 30 minutes each time (from home). Again, this will be personalized to suit your ability and end goal.

Step goal

A step goal will be given each week and a WhatsApp group created to share progress. A little friendly competition is GREAT to motivate you to find the time to add a few extra steps in!

Weekly WhatsApp call

A weekly call is an optional extra. You don’t have to do this step but it will help you stay on track. The 1-2-1 call is the perfect time to discuss your progress, any concerns, and to ask any questions.

The cost

The program is available at a weekly cost of just £9.99. This works out much less than a gym membership and is probably a lot less than what you spend on weekly coffee and cake catch ups with friends. If anything, the plan will, hopefully, SAVE you money by encouraging you to bring lunch to work every day and stop splashing out on junk food.

Can’t afford to pay the full amount in one go? No problem! You can pay 50% now to secure your space and 50% next month prior to the course commencing. Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE.

The best investment you can make is in yourself. Are you in?