First trimester

22814374_812031747563_1387129584994321216_nKeeping fit during the first trimester of pregnancy can be tricky when you are battling with morning sickness and extreme tiredness.

Exercise during early pregnancy is completely safe as long as you listen to your body and take particular care not to overdo it. It can provide a well-needed energy boost and keep you feeling positive throughout the first 12 weeks.

My 12 week exercise plan for the first trimester provides just 15 minutes of activity on alternate days with a combination of cardio, resistance training and stretches. Short and sweet bursts of exercise are ideal during this stage until the nausea has passed and you feel less exhausted.

The exercise you decide to do throughout your pregnancy should not exceed pre-pregnancy levels. Please be honest about your current fitness level when completing your sign up form.

First Trimester 12-week personalised exercise plan

Get your personalised exercise plan designed for those in the first trimester.