Employee wellness while social distancing


School closures. Work-from-home mandates. Travel restrictions. Countries shuttering their borders.

Everywhere we look, precautionary measures have been enacted for our safety. While these preventive actions will help halt the spread of the coronavirus, the social distancing they encourage can have a negative impact on our overall well-being.

Humans are hyper-social creatures who long to belong. Now is the time to make it absolutely clear to your team members that your chief concern is their well-being.

When you create and sustain conditions where employees feel cared for, you allow them to continue to perform and contribute, and perhaps, most importantly at a time like this, you acknowledge their humanity.

To help your employees during this uncertain time, how would you like to provide them with FREE access to my online fitness and nutrition private group for the next 3 months?

They will receive:

🧡 x3 online workouts to follow each week plus free access to any of my virtual classes

🧡 Access to my healthy eating recipe guide for inspiration

🧡  Live Q&A’s and talks on topics that THEY choose

🧡 Becoming part of a healthy, supportive community to stay motivated and feel connected during social distancing and isolation

There is no catch! It is completely FREE for 3 months!

Optional Extras (there is no obligation to sign up for this)


Exclusive online sessions

Live exercise or mindfulness sessions exclusively for you and your team. These will take place via Zoom so that everybody can come together to have fun, stay fit, and feel connected to their colleagues.

They can be daily, weekly, or however often you want! The sessions can also be tailored to whatever style your team prefers – ie; high intensity cardio, a gentle yoga flow or something in between.

Set the expectation that everyone be present and not distracted. Model what it means to show up as a virtual team player during this time.

Sessions are just £35 per 30 minute class.

Tailored nutrition coaching

All of your employees can sign up for the full online coaching program for a special discounted rate of £10 per person per month for the next 3 months. This gives them:

🧡 An individual calorie goal and macro goal to meet each week via myfitnesspal. This suits people who don’t want to follow a strict meal plan or eliminate anything from their diet.

🧡 Weekly 1-2-1 virtual meeting with me to keep on track and assess motivation levels. Targets may be adjusted each week depending on progress.

Virtual PT sessions

If any of your employees would like to sign up to a virtual PT session with me, they can do so for just £5 per 30 minute slot. Limited space available so it would be a first come, first served basis.


I hope you and your staff stay safe and well during this difficult time!

If you would like to sign up for any of the above, please send me an email at janine.lashmar@outlook.com.