Online dietary assessment


Would you like a little guidance when it comes to eating the right foods to meet your goal?

Do you feel stuck in a rut when it comes to eating healthy?

Or perhaps you are one of those people who feels like they are eating the right foods but aren’t seeing the results.

Rather than have a meal plan to follow, I can simply review what you typically eat during the week and how much you exercise and help you to make changes to get you closer to your goal.

How it works

1. Sign up for the assessment by paying via the below link (or send me a message to discuss it in more detail if you have any questions prior to paying)

2. Log your food intake and any exercise over a two week period using MyFitnessPal

3. Send screenshots back to me via email or FB messenger


4. I will review your entries and come back with suggestions as where you can make simple changes without drastically changing your diet and lifestyle.

Online dietary assessment

You will be required to keep a food diary for two weeks and log any exercise that you do over this period.