Meet Janine


Hi, I’m Janine – a fitness instructor based in the Isle of Man. Throughout my training, I’ve supported hundreds of women to embrace a healthy lifestyle and reach their individual fitness goals.

I wanted to extend my help to women around the world so I decided to create a way for every woman to receive the care of a personal trainer, without the expense.

My personalised fitness plans and meal plans are completely tailored to each individual based on their target weight, body composition, lifestyle, food preferences, and fitness level. It’s like having your very own virtual personal trainer to keep you motivated and on track.


My personalised exercise plans are flexible so you can choose whether you want to work out in the comfort of your own home or in the gym.  You’ll learn a range of cardiovascular, strength and resistance moves to boost your metabolism, reduce fat, and build lean muscle.

My personalised meal plans focus on nourishing the body with real, hearty foods that are will leave you feeling full and satisfied. There’s no calorie counting, carb cutting, pills or shakes.

Unlike other online exercise and meal programs, my plans will be devised based on the information you provide. I don’t believe in a ‘one-size fits all’ approach to fitness and weight loss because we are all starting off at different levels with different goals in mind. That’s why my plans achieve great results for women – because they are as individual as YOU.

I also hold a six-week shred which consists of  6 boot camp sessions, 6 week exercise plan, 6 week meal plan, mindset activities, weekly weigh in and 24/7 support. The next course starts Saturday 9th February.



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